About Bosky Strings

Our Story: How Bosky Strings Became the Premier Violin Shop in Edinburg, Texas.

Bosky Strings began in 2019 when co-founders Joel Ozuna and Ray Zhang traveled to China to explore dreams and possibilities. After establishing connections with some of the best workshops in the world, they flew back to the states and ordered their first container of everything they needed to open their violin shop. They originally planned to open a shop in 2020 but decided to hold off because of the COVID outbreak. Nonetheless, they remained hopeful and waited for the perfect opportunity to present itself.

That opportunity came in May of 2021 when Joel and Ray agreed that the time to make their dreams into reality had come.

After their initial grand opening on July 15, 2021, Bosky Strings quickly became a popular destination for string enthusiasts across the Rio Grande Valley. Known for their restorations and repairs, they also carry a complete line of orchestral string instruments, bows, and accessories to suit the needs of the string community in the Rio Grande Valley. Their goal is simple: to inspire and guide musicians to discover their musical potential.